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2016 Alaska Black Bear Hunt.. I've been on some really good hunts. But this was one the most action packed, heart pumping self guided hunt that I have taken.. Me and Dave, great Friend and hunting partner got dropped off on a Bush plane out to a remote area in Alaska for four days. First day of my hunt walked the trails spotted and shot my first bear. And he was a nice bear measuring 17 inches on the skull. My Last hunting day was most exciting..walking into the woods about two hundred yards in I heard it & spotted him walking around, breaking branches. And then the waiting game was on.. Waiting patiently to get a shot, 30 minutes in I drilled him right in the boiler room burying my 3 1/2" Trauma broad head with a V1-Vforce arrow all the way to the fletching out of my 70lb. Full Throttle.. I've said it many times.. I really appreciate the power of this bow!!! tracking bear #2.. Glock in hand was heart pumping!!! this guy is huge!! measuring out at well over 6 feet from tail to the tip of his nose and 20 inches on the skull making the record books for pope and young, black bear taken with a bow...

Posted by Walter on May 27, 2016 at 4:55 AM 3045 Views

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